We never know when our time is up. Live each day as if it is our last.

We often forget the fragility of our existence. We take for granted the precious moments spent with family and loved ones, assuming there will always be another chance to show our affection and appreciation.

However, none of us know when our time will come to an end. By taking proactive steps to leave behind our video message consignments, we can ensure that we leave behind memories of love, warmth, and connection, rather than regretting missed opportunities when it’s too late.

Your Free Rednote Account offers various emphathetic features and benefits.

About Rednote

Rednote is a service platform that allows users to proactively record and consign video messages to their family members and loved ones. Rednote will deliver these video consignments on the users’ behalf according to the delivery triggers selected by the  users, making sure memories and feelings last beyond a lifetime. 

Rednote  serves as a comforting assurance, providing a way to express final thoughts, wishes, and sentiments to loved ones. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Rednote acts as a crucial backup, ensuring that these messages are safely preserved and delivered according to the individual’s wishes. 

Rednote Legacy Solutions Suite

Video Consignment

Studio Services

Encryption and Privacy

Online and Offline Delivery

Preservation Hub

Simulated Live Chat




Commerce Hub

The real beneficiaries are the receivers

While the values of Rednote may not be immediately obvious to you (the senders), but the the people you love  (the receivers) will definitely appreciate Rednote because your messages are precious to them. Your messages, entrusted to Rednote, hold immense emotional significance for them. 

You’re not just sending messages. You’re leaving what could potentially be the final emotional tokens for those you hold dear. Rednote might be the last, or even the only chance, to convey your deepest thoughts and sentiments to your loved ones after you’re gone, especially in the event of unexpected death, where there may be no other chance to be heard.

Privacy and Security

Protecting your privacy and securing consignment data is our top priority and we’re doing everything possible. You can trust Rednote as your legacy consignment partner.

AES256 Encryption

SSL Encryption

Split Data Packets

Distributed Cloud Storage

Smart Contract

Intelligent Alerts

No Human Access

Multi Factor Validation

Your Cooperation is Important


Help Others Onboard and Earn

Do you share our conviction in the profound emotional values of Rednote? Are you eager to assist others in discovering and embracing its heartfelt significance?

Simply share your affiliate link with family and friends and guide them through the registration and onboarding process with Rednote. When a new user registers and makes purchases, you’ll earn credits, which can be redeemed towards paying for your own consignments.

Partnership Programs

Apply for special pricing, resources, and support for your organization. Or collaborate with us to become a Rednote entrepreneur.

For Non Profit

Discounted rates or special pricing packages, fundraising campaigns, affiliate programs, joint roadshows or events, customised solutions, and more.

For Religion

Discounted rates or special pricing packages, fundraising campaigns, customised memorials, community building,  and other philanthropic initiatives.

For Employees Welfare

Special pricing for bulk purchases, corporate gifting programs, employee recognition, corporate memorials, and other employee wellness programs. 

Women Entrepreneurship Program

Mentorship and guidance, training and development, access to resources, visibility  and promotions, recognition and awards, shareholding opportunities and more. 

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